How to STOP Flash messages on Airtel

Posted by | December 9, 2011 | India | 109 Comments

STOP Flash messages on Airtel
Lately the Airtel subscribers are getting Flash advertisement messages (SMS) on their mobiles.
To stop those annoying messages -

1. In your phone settings locate ‘airtel live!’ menu.
2. Then ‘airtel now!’
2. Select Start/Stop > Stop.

Method# 2 Posted by Gurava Maruri

Step 1 : Login to – . Below you can see unsubscribe from existing services.
Step 2 : Click on it. It will ask for Mobile Number.
Step 3 : Enter the mobile number and submit. It will send OTP (One Time Password) to your mobile number and ask to enter OTP.
step 4 : Enter OTP. It wills how list of active services (this includes Airtel Live).
Step 5 : Check whatever you dont want to be available. and submit it. It will get deactivated in 24 hours.


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