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Google Nexus 6- A Fabulous Choice Among Mid-Range Smartphone Series

By May 20, 2014mobile

Google Nexus 6 will be another excellent add on to the fabulous Nexus series. A short description to Nexus 5 will surely remind you of the remarkable looks and casing quality along with Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset and 2GB of RAM. The device has made an exclusive appearance in market  with upgraded 4.4 Kitkat OS. In comparison to Samsung GS5, Google chose to stick with LG for Nexus 6 once again in anticipation to the success it has achieved after launching Nexus 5. The change is expected with thinner and lighter weight in version along with enhanced visual experience. The phone will have a refreshing looks to offer to what Nexus 5 has given to smartphone users lastly.

With much sought-after edge-to-edge display, Google has been able to create a unique impression besides the typical appearance Samsung has been providing customers since so long. Some reports even claim that the Nexus 6 will feature a Quad HD, 2K display with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. The size of the display will supposedly be 5.2-inches. Besides all the features, it has been said that Nexus smartphones are priced to cover maximum market network as compared to other flagship devices made by other companies. Nexus 6 releasing date is yet to declare but it seems that Google has planned it around October month to make a successful launch. Needless to say, Google always has surprising ways to bring in exclusivity.

Google Nexus 6

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