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HTC One (M8) is going to Influence your Smartphone Choice

By May 20, 2014mobile

People have been looking for better options whenever they go through market variety in smartphones. With HTC, one of the major providers in the market, it has been really stimulating to work for customers demands or to advance their interests in high-end smartphone market worth putting their money on a gizmo. HTC has announced a new flagship smartphone, HTC One (M8), with strong built, advanced OS, UltraPixel Duo camera at the back and 5MP with f2.0 wide angle in the front claiming 300% light capture for a bright picture. The external appearance to phone is quite sturdy with all-metal premium looks powered by a 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor and 2GB RAM.

The pricing seems somewhat manageable in comparison to other new arrivals in high-end smartphone market. Unlike Samsung S5, where not much variations has been added in comparison to its predecessor, HTC One (M8) has come up with new features like double tap to lock and unlock the phone and slide to right to unlock to BlinkFeed and slide to left to unlock to the home screen.

The UltraPixel Duo camera is the primary feature with the help of which you can have the best photo capturing experience with your phone. The second camera lens help comprehending your camera quality by separating backgrounds and foregrounds for better clarity. Now here HTC has done something similar to other smartphone entries having integrated fitness tracking with the pre-loaded Fitbit app that also syncs with BlinkFeed. It doesn’t feature a heart-rate sensor like the Samsung Galaxy S5 though. Smartphone users who are flexible to the phone budget will have HTC One (M8) as a fortunate deal.

HTC One M8

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