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Samsung Galaxy S5 – An excellent addition to Smartphone Technology

By May 20, 2014mobile

The Smartphones Giant, Samsung has recently introduced Galaxy S5 with a couple of extraordinary features influencing gizmo’s range to another level. Although, rumours were Galaxy S5 could not bring out the acceptance with high priced, limited progression to the prototype, in smartphone world. There are several upbeat factors that makes it a great deal to replace your currently accustomed gizmo with Samsung Galaxy S5. Features like Display, Fingerprint Scanner, Health Rate Monitor, S Health, ISOCELL technology in camera and much more engraves S5 impression to your confident buying possibilities in a superior manner.

But, what if priority is to take-up an up-to-date yet facile usage of long hours battery life? Here, Galaxy S5 has enabled Ultra Power Saving Mode to give you non-stop usage of 2800mAh. Even if you have no prior experience with smartphones in general or looking to Galaxy S5 in particular, the battery usage will give you stable access with only 5% battery left in the phone. For those, who are inclined widely to internet usage on phone, GS5 has got modified 10 hours usage of internet browsing as well as most third party services.

Although, external looks couldn’t add much to the influence. No premium design is seen than a traditional plastic in terms of designing. The company could have worked upon metallic casing to bring a change over. After reviewing the entire Samsung Galaxy series, the only enhancement is the height and screen that improves by every new product launch for one being slimmer or another being taller.



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