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Samsung Galaxy S5 – An excellent addition to Smartphone Technology

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The Smartphones Giant, Samsung has recently introduced Galaxy S5 with a couple of extraordinary features influencing gizmo’s range to another level. Although, rumours were Galaxy S5 could not bring out the acceptance with high priced, limited progression to the prototype, in smartphone world. There are several upbeat factors that makes it a great deal to replace your currently accustomed gizmo with Samsung Galaxy S5. Features like Display, Fingerprint Scanner, Health Rate Monitor, S Health, ISOCELL technology in camera and much more engraves S5 impression to your confident buying possibilities in a superior manner.

But, what if priority is to take-up an up-to-date yet facile usage of long hours battery life? Here, Galaxy S5 has enabled Ultra Power Saving Mode to give you non-stop usage of 2800mAh. Even if you have no prior experience with smartphones in general or looking to Galaxy S5 in particular, the battery usage will give you stable access with only 5% battery left in the phone. For those, who are inclined widely to internet usage on phone, GS5 has got modified 10 hours usage of internet browsing as well as most third party services.

Although, external looks couldn’t add much to the influence. No premium design is seen than a traditional plastic in terms of designing. The company could have worked upon metallic casing to bring a change over. After reviewing the entire Samsung Galaxy series, the only enhancement is the height and screen that improves by every new product launch for one being slimmer or another being taller.



Google Nexus 6- A Fabulous Choice Among Mid-Range Smartphone Series

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Google Nexus 6 will be another excellent add on to the fabulous Nexus series. A short description to Nexus 5 will surely remind you of the remarkable looks and casing quality along with Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset and 2GB of RAM. The device has made an exclusive appearance in market  with upgraded 4.4 Kitkat OS. In comparison to Samsung GS5, Google chose to stick with LG for Nexus 6 once again in anticipation to the success it has achieved after launching Nexus 5. The change is expected with thinner and lighter weight in version along with enhanced visual experience. The phone will have a refreshing looks to offer to what Nexus 5 has given to smartphone users lastly.

With much sought-after edge-to-edge display, Google has been able to create a unique impression besides the typical appearance Samsung has been providing customers since so long. Some reports even claim that the Nexus 6 will feature a Quad HD, 2K display with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. The size of the display will supposedly be 5.2-inches. Besides all the features, it has been said that Nexus smartphones are priced to cover maximum market network as compared to other flagship devices made by other companies. Nexus 6 releasing date is yet to declare but it seems that Google has planned it around October month to make a successful launch. Needless to say, Google always has surprising ways to bring in exclusivity.

Google Nexus 6

Samsung focused on connectivity, imaging and apps creativity through Galaxy S5

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Samsung GS5, that looks quite a lot like its predecessor GS4, has made technology centric impression over market and could not work out that well to the terms of looks and budget. The phone is indifferent in external looks with a bit of change in the form of plastic casing. However, the price range isn’t complimenting to the handy looks and phone body type. While buying an android phone, users mostly carry a mindset for high-tech, good looking and up to an extent reachable within budget device whereas GS5 is bit tricky to all the three perspectives. With Galaxy S5, the users will surely get to know new technology but money is a difficulty here which may turn market response into a challenge for Samsung to make overall selling returns.

Talking about the major change-over according to Samsung in Galaxy S5 concludes in to features like the fingerprint scanner, heart rate monitor, improved imaging and super fast network connectivity. Improving on the S4 version did not come out as a priority buy for customers. In place of this, Google Nexus 5 has done a really good job. This phone is a superlative example of understated polycarbonate perfection which simply says that Samsung needs to think classier.

Technology enthusiasts have found Google Nexus 5 as logical buying over GS5 with well justified pricing, beautiful in looks with a nicely placed speaker grills and central USB. This lovingly crafted device not only brings improved performance and lucrative features, but known as the first stock version of android to look properly attractive.